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16 June 2022
Luxexpo The Box, Luxembourg

Fundsphere Terms
is live in Azure Cloud

Fundsphere Terms, which supports online collaboration in creating and managing sales agreements, is now live in Microsoft Azure Cloud for one of the top global asset managers and their clients. This is another step towards digitalization of the fund industry.

Effective AML/CTF controls

In order to be able to comply with current and future AML/CTF regulations and to adapt to the rapid changes the fund services industry is undergoing, organizations must have, first and foremost, effective controls in place to understand and manage their risk in a way that enables them to act quickly.

Fundsphere Terms

Terms is our innovative solution designed to revolutionize how sales agreements are standardized and processed in asset management.


Our clients are global asset managers and global service providers. Fundsphere® is used worldwide and is private labeled to enhance visibility of clients’ brands.
In most cases we remain invisible to the end user.