Fundsphere® Navigator is a customizable and flexible platform that allows secure real-time access to underlying systems. The application centralizes and transforms data from internal and external sources and provides access to consolidated information. This leads to greater efficiency and transparency in daily operations through manual process automation, convertible views and effectively managing complex reporting. Fundsphere® Navigator provides an overall perspective of daily operations and helps you adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the fund industry.


Fundsphere® Navigator enables our clients to:
  • Mitigate operational delays, errors, and associated risks
  • Lower operating costs using automated reporting and reducing demands on the back office
  • Connect multiple underlying systems and provide a single consolidated data stream at the same time across multiple locations
  • Provide autonomous oversight to asset managers
  • Ensure quality, accessibility, standardization, and centralization of reporting data
  • Automate processes to quickly provide crucial information for asset managers
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