Fundsphere® Terms is our innovative solution designed to revolutionize how sales agreements are standardized and processed in asset management. It centralizes, systematizes, and automates the exchange of counterparty documents, describing terms of business between the sell-side and the buy-side. Fundsphere® Terms is designed for operations departments in financial centers where it helps our clients to stay competitive by digitizing paper-based sales agreements and automating the process of commission calculation.


Fundsphere® Terms enables clients to:

  • Standardize and simplify documents to improve communication between sales, legal, and operations departments
  • Centralize storage of sales agreements for quick and easy search and reference
  • Ensure completeness and accuracy of data and protect against inaccurate data input
  • Automate the sales agreement process to increase business development capabilities
  • Save considerable resources and overhead as a result of improved, modernized processes
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