A long history of innovation


We are changing how information is accessed in the Fund Industry value chain. By combining applicable leading edge technology with our knowledge and creativity, we are simplifying and automating business processes to reduce cost of investing and increase transparency. We are adding value globally.

Who we are

Metrosoft is a tight-knit group of curious, passionate, and creative professionals. We are open and collaborative. We use our collective industry experience and superior technical expertise to create compelling solutions on the Fundsphere® platform. We question everything.


Rewind back to 1999. We have built TeleFund, an advanced voice recognition system that provided fund and account information, and enabled 24x7 dealing via phone. We delivered it to Alger to help Alger penetrate German market. “They have done wonderful things for us” (Fred Alger, 1999). Later TeleFund provided real-time stock quotes on board of Continental flights in the US.


Leading edge technology lies at the core of what we do. Our passion, coupled with a genuine understanding of business, results in effective solutions. We continuously invest in researching and testing new technologies and, once validated, we push their limits to the maximum.

Agile and Teal

We are Agile and self-organized (Teal). Everything does not work perfectly yet but we are well past the tipping point. We started using the Scrum framework in 2015 and continued to deliver all projects successfully.

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