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Who we are

We are a tight-knit group of curious, passionate, and creative professionals who value outstanding quality, commitment, and teamwork. Our diverse personalities, skillsets, and experiences give us confidence to innovate. We are continuously adapting to ever-changing demands in the fund industry.

How we work

We operate in the incredibly dynamic Fintech segment. We are self-organized, Agile, and use Scrum framework. We decide what hours to work, when to work from home, when to take vacation, and what courses to take and when. It is our life. Everyone keeps their commitments, you will as well.

How we think

At Metrosoft we believe that without purpose and passion there is no progress. Everyone is an equal human being and everyone deserves a credit of trust. We communicate openly, directly, and honestly. We strive for improvement in how we interact with each other and with our clients.

Who we need

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?”

- Benjamin Franklin

We provide the optimal environment for visionary people with immense passion in their fields. We value a high level of self-reliance, but our real strength comes from working as a team. We are continuously looking for candidates who are curious, knowledge-hungry, and challenge authority.

To learn more
call Natalia 12 394-7239

To learn more
call Natalia 12 394-7239

We will help you grow

Olgierd Pado

Product Designer

Grzegorz Wojtas

Senior System Analyst

Mateusz Derejski

Country Head Poland

Anna Kanior-Florek

Customer Success Lead

Mariusz Kowalik

Senior IT Infrastructure Architect

Bogusława Jagła

Senior Project Manager

Jerzy Połczyński

Senior Deployment and Infrastructure Architect

Aneta Wiejacha

Office Manager

Piotr Łaskawiec

Software Architect