Agile and Teal

We are Agile and self-organized (Teal). Everything does not work perfectly yet but we are well past the tipping point. We started using the Scrum framework in 2015 and continued to deliver all projects successfully. We were Agile when clients started switching to Agile.

We became self-organized (Teal) in 2016. It caused creative chaos initially, yet the projects continued to be delivered on time, in budget, and in scope. Support services continued receiving highest marks from clients.

We believe that Agile and Teal philosophies complement each other. They both require a broader worldview and higher level of consciousness. Both emphasize small teams forming and dissolving as needed, value people interaction over rigid processes, promote openness and embrace change, and require individual accountability. We are happier. Work brings us joy and excitement. We engage with clients on a different level. We deliver.

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