Monitoring of UBO
in Fundsphere Compliance

Monitoring of UBO in Fundsphere Compliance

Fundsphere Compliance UBO Monitoring Solution enables ongoing monitoring of ownership in capital and shares within an investment vehicle, providing real-time overview of who each fund’s beneficial owners are. The tool is easily configurable per jurisdictional requirements. The results are fully independent from month-end reporting and since ownership percentage calculation is done directly within the application, automated reports can be created and scheduled quickly, reducing manual workload and minimizing risk of errors.

The FSC UBO Monitoring Solution supports financial services companies in their sales and marketing efforts, by providing targeted, valuable information about their clients. It also helps them spot changes in the ownership structure (such as new significant shareholders or former beneficial owners that cease to be considered as such) without any delay. What is more, it enables comparison of current and historical data to spot the market trends, helping them plan their long-term strategy.